Wireless Standards and the Future of the Smart Home.

For those of you with a long memory the genesis of the Smart Home was born in the late 80s or early 90s when the jargon word was “domotics”. At that time none of the current low power wireless standards had been invented. So progress with home automation was very slow and extremely fragmented in terms of the wired and wireless protocols used.

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Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi 6 and the future of IOT

Bluetooth Low Energy is arguably the technology that “launched” the Internet of Things. The issue with “classic” Bluetooth was that it needed a continuous connection, which in turn meant it had rather limited battery life, and thus battery powered devices required frequent recharging. It also limited the use cases for which it could be easily deployed.

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Combining multiple radios in a single solution

The “Internet of Things” is something of a catch all term, but at heart it is all about providing connectivity between electronic devices and the internet. In a large fraction of cases that involves wireless connectivity, because frequently the connectivity is being added to existing devices, and adding a wireless connection is an order of magnitude simpler than adding a wired infrastructure.

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BLE Audio and its place in the evolution of Bluetooth

On 9th December 2020, the Bluetooth SIG released revision 5.2 of Bluetooth. One of the key upgrades was the addition of BLE Audio (“Bluetooth Low Energy Audio”). Releasing a spec is just the start of a process. It is only today that real IOT devices are finally available with BLE Audio capability.

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RF and IOT Security

We increasingly manage our lives via a bewildering array of technological devices and services. The IOT revolution offers us the promise of “everything connected” to make our lives simpler, freer and healthier. However, our reliance on technology could also be a threat if malign actors can gain control of our devices and systems.

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The Next Generation of Wearable Technology

The market for wearable electronic devices has undergone dramatic growth over the last decade, from a small starting point in 2010 to a major segment of the electronics industry. Precise figures vary, but a CAGR in excess of 20% seems common to most reports with an overall market size of multiple billion dollars under a broad definition of the sector.

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Direction finding using Bluetooth Angle of Arrival

Angle of Arrival – Where are we?

Bluetooth “Angle of Arrival” was included in the Bluetooth 5.1 Core Specification, which was released in January 2019. As with all Bluetooth updates, there were several changes within the specification, but Angle of Arrival (AoA) was the only one that gained any real attention.

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