Antenna-in-Package (AiP) solutions.


                                5Ghz Radiation pattern for WiFi 6 module


Insight SIP has been a pioneer in integrating antennas into System-in-Package devices. We were the first to offer an “Antenna-in-Package” device in 2009 with our first Bluetooth Low Energy module. There are a handful of companies developing similar products in the market, but few take the holistic design approach pioneered by Insight SIP.

Examples of our world leading innovation include the development of the:

  • First ever Antenna-in-Package device
  • Only dual antenna Antenna-in-Package device
  • First and only sub-Giga Antenna-in-Package
  • First dual-band Antenna-in-Package device.


Insight SIP takes a different approach to competitors. We have worked with our subcontractor manufacturing partners to develop process innovations; for instance we were the first manufacturing to offer SIP modules with a partial shielding using a sputtered metal paint technology. The few competitors offering some SIP designs tend to include a ceramic antenna placed at one side of their module. This can lead to a directional performance; good in one orientation but poor in another. 

Insight SIP designs the entire package as a radiating element, whereby the antenna is not an “add-on” but designed in conjunction with the electronics, packaging overmold material and shielding to deliver an optimum result.

This is why we don’t provide multiple “variants” of essentially the same product, like some competitors. We believe a properly optimized single design offers our customers the best solution.




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