Smart Homes and Smart Cities

What used to be called a “Smart Home” is over time simply becoming a “home”. Newer buildings will frequently incorporate smart lighting solutions for example, not only for the features they offer, but equally because they are cheaper to install, eliminating the need for complex switching circuits (especially when coupled with low voltage LED lamps).

Beyond simple lighting solutions, other electrical and electronic elements of the house are being integrated such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and domestic appliances are frequently connected to the home network. Voice enabled smart speakers offer a novel method of control. New standards such as Matter are enabling diverse appliances from different vendors to be connected seamlessly, and provide access to the homeowner remotely.

Solar panels, large scale battery storage and electric vehicles represent another useful addition to homes, which require clever solutions to be managed effectively. 

 Smart City Innovation for Emerging Markets | Transmedia Newswire


Outside the home, local municipalities are seeking to create “Smart Cities”. To achieve this, they are looking for efficiencies in multiple areas including street lighting, parking, waste management and public transport information systems. Most cities want to reduce traffic (especially from traditional ICE vehicles) whilst improving people’s ability to move from area to area.

Insight SIP modules have been used in the following applications:

  • Smart lighting home solutions
  • Parking occupancy solutions
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Waste receptacle full monitoring solutions
  • Large building monitoring and control systems 

Example Case Study: eLichens integrates Insight SiP’s ISP4520 RF module into its Avolta connected Natural Gas Detector

Example White Paper: Wireless Standards and the Future of the Smart Home.


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