Industrial IOT

There are many products that come under the category of “Industrial Electronics”, with diverse applications such as tools, pumps, valves, metering and telemetry, and other products meeting the demands of highly specialized but little known niches.

Increasingly, the market demands that such products are no longer “standalone”, but have connectivity capability on board.

Early IOT solutions tended to focus on a simple local wireless connection to an existing electronically controlled piece of equipment, to perform operations such as configuration, software updates, maintenance and monitoring. Even such relatively simple functions could offer major benefits, in terms of rapid access to equipment, removal of necessity for cables, avoidance of errors and easier control of equipment than via awkward custom keypads. In addition, industrial equipment is not always easily physically accessible and wireless connections can help with this problem.

Now, connectivity is built into designs from the start, and may involve more complex architectures with full internet access and distant control and monitoring. This increased complexity requires greater security to keep systems safe from malicious actors.

Industrial equipment providers are typically looking to provide high value products with long lifetimes. They therefore value the quality and reliability of modules provided by Insight SIP. The miniature size of our devices is a major advantage if connectivity is being retrofitted to an existing design, minimizing the rework of existing PCBs and housings.

Example Case Study: Sylvac Adds Advanced Connectivity to Precision Tools Using Insight SIP RF Modules, Enabling Industry 4.0 Solutions



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