Sensoryx launches the Maliang Magic Pencil incorporating Insight SiP Bluetooth connectivity modules at CES 2024

Sensoryx, a leader in XR technology, is launching its “Maliang” Magic Pencil at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The Sensoryx Maliang Magic Pencil is a stylus which allows users to create and interact in three dimensions in virtual environments. Leading RF module developer Insight SiP provides the ISP1807 RF module which handles the connectivity and synchronization of the Maliang Magic Pencil to several host devices including XR headsets, computers and dedicated base stations.

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Case Study – WaterRower

Most of us know we should be doing more to build and maintain our fitness. But it’s hard to find the time and summon the motivation to go out to the gym, and few of us have the space for a dedicated gym room at home, or want ugly fitness equipment in our living rooms.

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Limbitless Solutions turns children into superheroes

... with the aid of Insight SIP technology

Limbitless Solutions develops life-changing prosthetic limbs for children using 3-D printing and sophisticated electronics which include Insight SiP’s RF modules for wireless communication enabling children to adjust their prosthetics through an app. Wearing these bionic arms can make the children feel like superheroes.

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