Mission Statement

The increased demand for wireless connectivity in portable electronic devices has driven manufacturers to deliver ever-smaller, more cost effective solutions. This makes the integration of RF into a single product more and more complex and increases technical risk while in the mean time the product development cycle has to be reduced.

At Insight-SiP we rapidly solve these challenges. Based on a system-in-package approach we make complex RF systems easy to integrate in any existing or future portable application. We contribute to reduce our customer’s product development cycle and accelerate their product’s release-to-market.
It’s all in the package! In less time!

Board of Directors

Insight SiP has been created by a group of RF professionals who established over the years close relations with both customers and industrial and manufacturing partners.

Chris Barratt

Chris Barratt - CTO

Chris Barratt is CTO and founder of Insight SiP. Chris has a proven track record of building and leading high-growth, world class, engineering organizations. Chris has over 30 years of experience in RF and Microwave design spent in various engineering and management positions. Earlier in his career, he worked at Schlumberger, Tekelec Temex and Thales Microelectronics. Prior to founding Insight, he was with NSC where he was instrumental in setting up an LTCC design center in France. Chris’ areas of expertise include design of filters and active circuits in thin film, thick film, laminate and LTCC. Chris is the author of a number of publications in the area of RF communications. He holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the universities of Cambridge and London.

Michel Beghin

Michel Beghin - Chairman

Michel Beghin is the CEO and founder of Insight SiP. A seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor business, he has spent much of his career in the RF industry. Prior to Insight SiP, Michel was a distribution manager for Murata Manufacturing in France, where he coordinated sales and distribution channels for Murata’s electronic components. Prior to that, Michel was COO of Adcon, a company based in France and specialized in the design and development of 802.15.4 systems, that was recently acquired by Telit in Italy. Michel holds a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from INSA, France and an Executive MBA from HEC School of Management in Paris, France.

Philippe Genin

Philippe Genin - General Manager

Philippe Genin has about 30 years of experience in electronic and RF industry. He has worked with Insight SiP since 2014 when he started as a consultant to the company. In 2017, he joined Insight SiP on a full-time basis as Product Manager for Bluetooth LE. Previously, Philippe had been General Manager at engineering companies including Komax Solar in Aix-en-Provence and Chelton Telecom Microwave in Paris. He began his career at Tekelec/Temex after graduating in 1986 from the Ecole CentraleSupelec in Paris.

Erwoan Naour

Erwoan Naour

Erwoan Naour, chartered engineer, currently equity investor. Background with various turn around CEO positions in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, and Brazil. Seasoned international developer, fluent in English, French and Portuguese, experienced in B to B services. Linkedin

Nick Wood

Nick Wood - VP Sales & Marketing

Nick Wood has 25 years of experience in high technology companies, in particular in the Mobile Devices sector. He is a board member of the Innovation Europe investment fund and is part of the Success Europe Investment team and runs his own consulting company, Riviera Associates. Previously, he was a shareholder/director in Teleca Ltd, a UK company specializing in software for advanced mobile handsets, and later Senior Vice President for Teleca AB, a Swedish listed company, responsible for global development of the Mobile Devices Sector. Nick has a 1st Class Degree in Physics from the University of Bristol, and a PhD in Particle Physics gained at University College London and CERN.


We are proud they have given us their support and enthusiasm.

PACA Investissement

PACA Investissement

PACA Investissement is an investment fund which was established by Conseil Regional of PACA Region with European Regional Development Funds (ERDF) to invest in innovative companies throughout PACA Region Since its inception in 2011, PACA Investissement is managed by Turenne Capital.
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2C Invest

2C Invest

Sunflower Investissement (2C Invest) is a private equity fund which was established by a family office to invest in innovative companies and accompany their management to develop the business.
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