ISP3010 Built-in Antennas Ultra Wide Band + Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Module

UWB and  Bluetooth 5 Ready / ANT+ / NFC Ultra Accurate Positioning Module


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Despite its small size of 14.0 x 14.0 x 1.5 mm, the ISP3010 module integrates the DecaWave DW1000 chipset which is an Ultra Wide Band transceiver dedicated to indoor localisation applications. This chipset needs an external processor to operate and Insight SiP decided to integrate the Nordic Semi nRF52 SoC. In addition to the powerful ARM Cortex M4F MCU, this chip also provides a BLE and NFC connectivity for wireless set up and control of the UWB chip.
ISP3010 differentiate from other module by integrating a multi band antenna in the package, to support both BLE frequency band at 2.4 GHz and UWB frequency band at 6.5 GHz. This is a new and unique concept developed by Insight SiP within a SIP package. In addition, this module also integrates all passives, crystals and DC/DC converters to optimize the power consumption for longer life time when operating on batteries.
ISP3010 module offers the perfect stand-alone ranging solution for short range security bubble applications, for standard location applications requiring typically 50 meters range from module to module, or even longer distance application when the ISP3010 is used in conjunction with optimized UWB anchor antennas.


  • Precision Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) for Healthcare, Sport and Wellness, Consumer, Industrial …
  • Security bubble
  • Access control
  • Indoor positioning

Block Diagram

This module is based on DecaWave DW1000 single-chip UWB transceiver and nRF52832 Nordic Semiconductor 2.4GHz wireless System on Chip (SoC). It integrates a 32-bit ARM Cortex™ M4 CPU, 512 kB flash memory, 64 kB RAM as well as analog and digital peripherals. Within a form factor of 14.0 x 14.0 x 1.5 mm, the module integrates decoupling capacitors, 38.4 MHz crystal for UWB, 32 MHz and 32.768 kHz crystals for BLE, DC-DC converters, DC pulse power adapter for UWB transceiver, RF matching circuits and two antennas in addition to the wireless SoCs. Low power consumption and advanced power management enables battery lifetimes up to several months on a coin cell battery.

UWB communication is compliant to IEEE 802.15.4. Using a simple user interface controlled over the air by Bluetooth or by SPI, ISP3010 offers the perfect stand-alone ranging module solution. Alternatively, it can be connected to an external microprocessor for more complex positioning algorithms, in which case all the processing is carried out externally to the module.
BLE connectivity compliant to Bluetooth V4.2. ISP3010 BLE section can be used either in Peripheral or Central roles for BLE. Fully qualified BLE stacks for nRF52832 are implemented in the S132 SoftDevice which can be freely downloaded.

Main Specifications

  • IEEE802.15.4-2011 UWB compliant
  • Single Mode BLE 5 Ready
  • NFC-A Tag for OOB pairing
  • ANT/ANT+ stack available
  • Spatial resolution better than 10 cm
  • Fully integrated UWB & BLE matching and Antennas
  • Integrated UWB 38.4 MHz and BLE 32 MHz & 32.768 kHz Clocks
  • DC/DC converters
  • UWB section based on DecaWave DW1000
  • BLE section based on Nordic Semi nRF52
  • Externally Controlled or using embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F CPU
  • 512 kB Flash and 64 kB SRAM
  • 30 GPIOs including ADC, SPI, UART, PDM, I2C
  • Ultra small size 14.0 x 14.0 x 1.5 mm
  • Operating Conditions
    • Supply voltage 2.8V to 3.6V
    • Temperature range -30 to +85°C
  • Power Consumption
    • UWB Peak current, Rx & Tx 180 mA
    • BLE Peak current, Rx &Tx 8 mA
    • Deep sleep current < 2 µA
  • Clock Sources
    • Internal HF clock, crystal 38.4 MHz +/- 30 ppm
    • Internal HF clock, crystal 32 MHz +/- 40 ppm
    • Internal LF clock, crystal 32.768 kHz +/- 40 ppm
  • Radio Specification
    • UWB Frequency range 6489.6 +/- 249.6 MHz
    • BLE Frequency range 2402-2480 MHz
    • Rx sensitivity UWB -93 dBm BLE -96 dBm
    • Antenna gain UWB -1 dBi BLE +0.6 dBi
    • Range open field 50 m typ with internal antenna
    • Range open field 100 m typ with external antenna

Product User Guide

  • Ordering Information
    • ISP3010-UX-ZZ
      UWB & BLE protocol, 512 kB flash, 64 kB RAM
  • Prototype Packaging (ZZ = ST)
    • Delivered in unsealed standard trays or cut tapes
    • Please bake the module before assembly
  • Jedec Trays (ZZ = JT)
    • Delivered in sealed packaging
  • Tape & Reels
    • Delivered in sealed packaging
    • Multiple of 500 units (ZZ = RS)
    • Multiple of 2000 units (ZZ = R2)
  • Storage
    • Electronic sensitive devices
  • Moisture Sensitivity
    • Level MSL-5
    • Bake 24 hours at 125°C if module stored at ambient room
  • Soldering Information
    • According to Jedec J-STD-020
    • Maximum peak temperature
      260°C / 30 sec


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