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ISP4520 Smart LoRa and Bluetooth Low Energy Combo Module

LoRaWAN and  Bluetooth Low Energy 5 Ready / ANT+ NFC /with MCU and Two Antennas


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The ISP4520 offers a unique combination of two leading IoT radio technologies in one class leading miniaturised package.
With integrated BLE and LoRa this module offers the long-range capability of LoRa for data transmission over distance, together with the high-throughput flexible service of BLE for a more local connection. This provides perfect flexibility of long range data acquisition, combined with the capacity to carry out configuration, commissioning and update capabilities via radio communications built into any smartphone or tablet.
The module measures 9.8 x 17.2 x 1.7 mm and incorporates chips from the leading semiconductor vendors for each technology – Nordic Semiconductor (for BLE) and Semtech (for LoRa). Processing power is provided by the Nordic nRF52’s onboard M4 floating point processor, with 512K of flash memory available for advanced applications. The Semtech SX1261 (for EU and JP versions) or SX1262 (for US version) provide the LoRa radio function.
Both semiconductors offer best in class low power consumption, coupled with an array of power saving features, allowing for multi-year coin-cell operation (depending on application use-case). The module integrates antennas for both LoRa and BLE transmission, thus allowing this device to be a pre-certified complete radio and application core solution, requiring only external sensors, or connection to a customers existing device. An external antenna can also be attached to provide maximum transmission range for the LoRa.The module is supplied with a combined BLE and LoRaWAN stack


  • Smart Cities/ Smart Retail
  • Industrial Internet
  • Big Data / Data Science
  • Energy Engagement / Smart Grids

Block Diagram

This highly miniaturized LGA module, 9.8 x 17.2 x 1.7 mm, is based on the new SX126x LoRa transceiver series and nRF52832 BLE chip. Using a simple user interface via the SPI connection and integrating a Cortex™ M4 CPU, flash and RAM memory combined with single optimized antenna for both LoRa and BLE standards, ISP4520 offers the perfect stand-alone module solution for large spectrum of application in IoT domains. For longer range use case, ISP4520 can be used in conjunction with an external LoRa antenna.

Main Specifications

  • LoRaWAN  Stack & BLE 5 Ready Stack
  • LoRa section based on Semtech SX126x series transceiver  
  • BLE section based on Nordic Semi nRF52
  • NFC-A Tag for OOB pairing
  • Embedded 32-bit ARM Cortex M4 CPU
  • Fully integrated LoRa & BLE matching and Antennas
  • Integrated LoRa and BLE 32 MHz & 32.768 kHz Clocks
  • Analog and Digital peripherals + SPI Interface + 23 GPIOs
  • Very Small Size 9.8x17.2x1.7 mm
  • Operating Conditions
    • Supply voltage 1.8V to 3.6V
    • Temperature range -30 to +85°C
  • Power Consumption
    • LoRaPeak current, Rx & Tx 34 mA
    • BLE Peak current, Rx &Tx 6 mA
    • Deep sleep current < 1.5 µA
  • Clock Sources
    • Internal HF clock, crystal 32 MHz +/- 40 ppm
    • Internal LF clock, crystal 32.768 hHz +/- 40 ppm
    • Internal LF clock, RC Oscillator +/- 250 ppm
  • Radio Specification
    • LoRa Frequency range 900 MHz band
    • BLE Frequency range 2.4 GHz
    • Range open field 15 km typ with internal antenna
    • Range open field 20 km typ with external antenna

Product User Guide

  • Ordering Information
    • ISP4520-EU-ZZ
      Europe version:  LoRa 863-870 MHz & 14dBm
      LoRa & BLE protocol, 512 kB flash, 64 kB RAM
    • ISP4520-US-ZZ
      USA version: LoRa 902-928 MHz & 20 dBm
      LoRa & BLE protocol, 512 kB flash, 64 kB RAM
    • ISP4520-JP-ZZ
      USA version: LoRa 920-923 MHz & 14 dBm
      LoRa & BLE protocol, 512 kB flash, 64 kB RAM
  • Prototype Packaging (ZZ = ST)
    • Delivered in unsealed standard trays or cut tapes
    • Please bake the module before assembly
  • Jedec Trays (ZZ = JT)
    • Delivered in sealed packaging
  • Tape & Reels 
    • Delivered in sealed packaging
    • Multiple of 500 units (ZZ = RS)
    • Multiple of 2000 units (ZZ = R2)
  • Storage
    • Electronic sensitive devices
  • Moisture Sensitivity
    • Level MSL-5
    • Bake 24 hours at 125°C if module stored at ambient room
  • Soldering Information
    • According to Jedec J-STD-020
    • Maximum peak temperature
      260°C / 30 sec


Insight SiP
GreenSide, Bat.7, Entree2,
400 Avenue Roumanille, BP 309
F-06906 Sophia–Antipolis FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0) 493 008 880