Case Studies

Insight SiP has designed a series of ultra miniature wireless modules for various applications. The following case studies demonstrate you how we master RF technology and miniaturization design.

Wifi SiP

The design team has been asked to include WiFi capability in portable devices meeting size, power consumption and cost constraints.

Download WiFi SiP

Ultra-low power module with integrated antenna

The ISP090401 module original design has been developed to fit demands for devices requiring ultra-low power wireless connection.

Download Ultra low power AIP

Quad Band GSM integrated Antenna

The objective is to miniaturize a PCB board developed for M2M applications and integrate a GSM antenna. The design team had the task to find a replacement of an existing chip antenna that did not meet the performance requirements and added cost to the total solution.

Download Quad Band GSM integrated antenna

Half-mini GSM WCDMA PCI Card module

The goal is to miniaturize an existing PCI Express Card and make it fit in a half-mini card form factor, sized 26.8mm x 30mm, fully functional.

Download Half-mini PCI Card

Wireless High Definition Video modules

To replace cumbersome HDMI cables in the home or the office, Insight SiP developed complete solutions for video transmission from any source to any display device. These modules are based on WHDI™ standard.

Download HD Video Transmiter module
Download HD Video Tranciver Display Mini card
Download HD Video Receiver module


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