ISP1510-UX Module
24,86 € per unit for buying at least 10
23,86 € per unit for buying at least 20
22,91 € per unit for buying at least 50
21,99 € per unit for buying at least 100
21,11 € per unit for buying at least 200


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Delivered in standard tray from 15 to 99 units. These parts are MSL Level 5 and must be baked before assembly.

Delivery in Jedec tray with sealed pack, desiccant and humidity sensor for multiple of 100 units.

This small size module 9.0 x 16.0 x 1.9 mm integrates the DecaWave DW1000 chipset which is an Ultra Wide Band transceiver dedicated to indoor localization applications. This chipset needs an external processor to operate and Insight SiP decided to integrate the Nordic Semi nRF52 SoC. In addition to the powerful ARM Cortex M4F MCU, this chip also provides a BLE and NFC connectivity for wireless set up and control of the UWB chip.

ISP1510 offers the perfect stand-alone ranging module solution for security bubble or maximum 15 meters range applications. For longer range applications with typically 50 meters distance, ISP1510 can be used in conjunction with an external UWB antenna.

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