Antenna-in-Package (AiP) solutions

Insight SiP is leading system miniaturization onto the next level, where the antenna is no longer a separate component within the wireless device but is integrated in the package, thus the concept of antenna-in-package or AiP.

Today in each mobile device there are numerous communication modules that exchange wireless data with the external environment. Until now, in most cases, the antenna has been designed independently as a printed shape on the PCB or as an individual component to be assembled near the RF front end chip with an associated matching circuit.

Apart from the size of such a solution the assembly of a separate antenna on the application board still presents difficulties during design and manufacture. In fact, such operations are not cost effective as they require qualified RF personnel at the design phase and often expert tweaking during ramp up and even manufacture. This is needed to carry out the necessary adjustment to obtain a good impedance matching between the antenna and the RF front end.

It is understandable that the integration of the antenna into the module brings a huge advantage in terms of cost and performance.

Insight SiP has designed RF SiPs over the past few years, based on various substrate technologies such as LTCC, laminate or IPD. The company has also conducted R&D work on antenna design, in collaboration with university partners. This has lead to SiP solutions which also integrate the antenna - called AiP (Antenna In Package).

Insight SiP has applied its unique AiP design methodology to various applications including a quad-band GSM antenna, a 2.4GHz ISM band antenna and a challenging UHF band antenna.


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