ISP120901 Sensor

Bluetooth Low Energy Wireless Orientation/Motion Detection Sensor


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ISP120901 is an autonomous low-power device for wireless orientation/motion detection and transmission. The complete device makes use of Insight SiP ISP091201 BLE module together with low power host processor, 3-axis orientation/ motion sensor and small primary button cell battery CR1632 or lower capacity CR1620. Overall size of the device is 18x29x6 mm.


  • Sport and fitness sensors
  • Health care sensors
  • Gaming sensors
  • Out of Range (OOR) sensors
  • Motion detection and transmission applications

Block Diagram


The host processor that handles the autonomous sensor application, the high level portion of the BLE protocol stack and communication with the 3-axis sensor is a low power 32-bit MCU (ARM Cortex-M0 based), the NXP LPC1114FHI33/302, integrating 56kB flash memory and 8kB SRAM. The Freescale MMA7660FC, a 3-axis orientation/ motion detection sensor is used to detect acceleration and orientation transmitted via the I2C bus. The MMA7660FC has an auto-Wake/ Sleep feature for low power consumption. Data sampling rate is configurable from 1 to 120 samples/second. The MMA7660FC has orientation detection and gesture detection capabilities.

Main Specifications

  • Single Mode BLE v4.0 Slave Module
  • Based on Nordic Semiconductor µBlue family
  • Includes transceiver, baseband, software stack
  • Fully integrated RF matching and Antenna
  • Integrated 16 MHz Crystal Clock
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
    Coin cell battery CR1632 or CR1620
  • Low Power 3-Axis Orientation/Motion Detection
  • Ultra Low Power Application Processor
  • 16 MHz Crystal Clock for Application Processor
  • 32.768 kHz Crystal for BLE Protocol Sync.
  • Overall Size 18 x 29 x 6 mm
  • Temperature -40 to 85 °C


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