Bluetooth SMART & Other Standard Modules

Deliver smaller Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module solutions

It’s never been easier to implement a miniaturized Bluetooth Smart Module for your product. Insight SIP offers a range of module which are the smallest on the market (as low as 8x8x1 mm) allowing customer to add Bluetooth SMART technology in the smallest spaces. This has been achieved using our unique System-in-Package and Antenna-in-Package Technology.

Insight SIP offers a full range of modules, allowing our customers to choose the tradeoff of price/performance that suits their needs. The all new ISP1507 module, with High Performance Bluetooth SMART, ANT+ NFC, combined with an optimized antenna offers the state of the art in Bluetooth SMART Module technology. The solution is best in class for RF performance and low power consumption. Our 1302 Bluetooth Low Energy Module with MCU and Antenna offers the best solution for high volume production with ultra-low power.

Explore how our System-in-Package Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules can make your wireless product better.


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