10-year anniversary

Date : 2016-04-22 
Espaces Sophia, Sophia Antipolis, France
Insight SiP invites you to join us in a celebration of our 10-year anniversary!

For this occasion, we organize a special one-day conference. We have arranged for a selection of invited speakers from a diverse range of our clients and partners to share their knowledge and experience with you.We all would be very happy to see you on the celebration Friday April 22nd 2016 at Espaces Sophia Antipolis - 300 Route des Crêtes, 06902 Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera, France.

For more information, see the conference program

Watch video!

Download all technical presentations:

 SiP Evolution 2006 – 2016 by Insight SiP (3 478 kb)

 Modules for Smartphones by TDK, Japan (819 kb)

 Packaging Technology by AMKOR, USA (3848 kb)

 Packaging Manufacturer by Tong Hsing, Taiwan (2 243 kb)

 IoT Industrial by Microtronics, Austria (3 259 kb)

 Microcomputers by Insight SiP (2 907 kb)

 UWB for Smart Positioning by Insight SiP (2 469 kb)

 Silicon Platform by VeriSilicon, China (2 322 kb)

 Smart IoT by Insight SiP (2 948 kb)

 Market & Applications by Nordic Semiconductor, Norway (2 162 kb)

 Asian Market by Lapis Semiconductor, Japan (3 586 kb)

 Antenna-in-Package by Insight SiP (2 549 kb)

 SiP future 2016 – 2026 by Insight SiP (3490 kb)



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