Blocking test performance

Question: I have a question regarding the nRF52832 and the blocking test performance. Is the nRF52832 passed the blocking performance test ? Do you have any test report or something else regarding this test ? I red that Receiver selectivity is generally not part of governmental regulations and consequently not critical for getting a nRF design approved for sale. Do you confirm ?


Shockburst protocol

Question: We want to run the module for compatibility reasons and for better coverage primarily with proprietary, classic Nordic protocol (ShockBurst). Will the certifications (FCC, ETSI) of the radio module cover this mode as long as we remain within 10% channel utilization (without frequency hopping), or would we have to limit the percentage even more? Or do we have to recertify the module when using this option?" There were specific parameters from ShockBurst that may not be in accordance with the type of test made for BLE approvals. So we don't know if the module could comply with FCC and CE approvals for Shockburst, it might be necessary to complete actual certification test ?


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