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Altair Semiconductor

Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP WW Sales & Marketing

‘We have been extremely pleased with the detailed analysis performed by Insight SiP for the LTE IoT module. This allowed us to assess the best possible module size reduction and evaluate the best possible trade-off (cost vs. performance) and factor them into our design considerations'
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Atlantic RF

Marc Garin, CEO Atlantic RF

‘We worked successfully with Insight SiP to develop a module based on System-in-Package (SiP) technology. The module aims to enable data transmission of consumption from energy meters. The development of this system required the integration of passive functions into a single chip type IPD (Integrated Passive Device) and the juxtaposition of this function to the passive radio chip developed by Atlantic RF. The architecture of this solution has not only reduced the complexity of the initial solution by reducing the number of passive components on the board but also served to reduce development costs and improve performance of the overall solution.’
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Bonsai Systems

Alberto Calatroni, Co Founder at Bonsai Systems GmbH

‘We are extremely pleased of our choice to adopt Insight Sip's ISP130301 module for our products. The module offers great performance in terms of range, which hints at a very good design of the internal antenna, while having an extremely small footprint and avoiding external components altogether. The existing certifications make it very easy to use the module in an end product. Last but not least, Insight Sip has proven very supportive in case of tight timelines in the order process through the European distributor TekModul. We are very satisfied!’
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Ian Lankshear, Managing Director at EnSilica

‘EnSilica successfully integrated Insight SiP’s BLE module into our IoT development kit, the process was very smooth, Insight SiP offered excellent support and the features and performance of the module are excellent. We have also established a strategy partnership with Insight SiP to allow customers to validate their products in the market using System-in-Package technology before going into high-volume production with a SoC solution. EnSilica works with Insight SiP to develop the SiP bases solution and EnSilica provide full SoC design and supply services to take the product to high volume products.’
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Hans Peter Buber, CEO Microtronics Engineering GmbH

‘The antenna and the module in a package and the extremely compact design has made our decision clear for using the modules of the ISP1300 Series. The Bluetooth Low Energy Modules are technologically advance and based on an ingenious, pioneering concept. In addition to the excellent products, I have come to know Insight SiP as a sympathetic company. We at Microtronics appreciate their work and are happy to be working with them.’
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Nordic Semiconductor

Geir Langeland, Director of Sales & Marketing Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic pioneered the 2.4GHz ultra low power wireless sector with its family of nRF24xxx proprietary products. Our first single mode µBlue solution is an extension of this heritage into the standards-based interoperable market sector, so we are extremely proud that our chip is included within the first single mode Bluetooth® low energy module to come to market.'
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'Insight SIP was instrumental in 'InterDigital’s' effort to develop the SlimChip MID Module. To be competitive, we had very aggressive size and cost goals and Insight SIP worked very hard on reducing both the size and the cost of the module. They demonstrated a great deal of experience and expertise in the design, pre-layout simulation, layout and test of small, mixed signal, and very complex wireless solutions. Combining their professionalism, flexibility and ease of integration with InterDigital’s internal capabilities gave us great value and, most importantly, a competitive product that performed flawlessly on the first spin.'
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Peregrine Semiconductor

Dan Nobbe, VP Engineering Peregrine Semiconductor

'We worked with Insight SiP design team on various projects. For each project Insight has demonstrated a deep technical understanding of the subject. We were pleased with their commitment to deliver on time and their high degree of professionalism from feasibility study until sample delivery.'
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Dublin Design Studio

David Craig, CEO Dublin Design Studio Ltd, Co-Founder and VP WW Sales & Marketing

‘Working with the integrated modules from Insight SiP allowed us to streamline the evolution of our connected product from rapid prototypes to finished device. Their technical expertise and ability to communicate complex solutions helped the entire process dramatically.’
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