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Integrated design solutions trusted by the world’s leading mobile phone companies.

Deliver a seamless experience

As mobile devices become an integral part of daily life for customers, it’s critical to deliver experiences that feel seamless. That’s why some of the mobile computing industry’s most influential companies count on Insight SIP to deliver highly integrated systems to meet portable and wireless space requirements every step of the way.

Low Power Front-end Modules

Thanks to its unique design methodology, Insight SiP has developed very low power solutions which are key for the latest smartphones, using optimized switching techniques extending the battery life time. Several filter designs (from 300MHz to 40GHz) have been designed internally for major phone manufacturers or EMS.

Questions? We have the answers:
Each industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities. So Insight SIP creates unique solutions, geared to mobile phone industry, to help you take full advantage of the System-In-Package approach so you can transform your business.

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