IoT (Internet-of-Things or Connected Devices)

Low Power and Miniaturization

As the number of devices to be connected is growing exponentially, it is essential to develop products which are small enough, and which do not require battery replacement on a regular basis. Insight SiP has the perfect solution in Low Power product development (thanks to its well-known strong RF front end module exterise in smartphone applications). Key benefits are limited maintenance, environmental friendly (energy harvesting integration) and lower cost devices.

Wireless connectivity

Sensor devices need to communicate in a mesh network, amongst different clusters or thru gateways to the cloud. Easiest implementation is to do it using wireless technologies like Bluetooth Smart (BLE), Beacon, ANT, ZigBee, NFC, RFID, WLAN, LPWAN (SigFox, LoRa, NB-IoT, LTE-M). Insight SiP has integrated all those RF protocols from prototyping to production and is well positioned to address customer particular connectivity needs.


Micro SD
Protection of data (locally computed or transferred to the cloud) needs to be taken care of to guarantee the wide deployment of IoT technology amongst consumers. Insight SiP has worked with its partners on smart secure accessories (eg. µSD secured card, smallest Linux micro-computer in the world) to prevent violation of critical digital content.


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